Piano Lessons Everyone Loves

what are my piano lessons like?

My lessons are fun and creative with a large focus on music appreciation, self-expression, connection and creativity. I use state of the art technology and games and I offer videos of lessons to my students to support their home practice. The majority of my kids piano lessons are taught in groups of 5 for one hour per week.

I also offer private piano lessons to adults and to some kids if group lessons are not the right fit for them.

Why do I focus on Fun?

Everyone loves music, especially kids. In today's world music is such a big part of their lives. Kids love music from movies, video games and with such easy access to music online these days, kids have so much more access to music than they did when I was a kid. 

But even with such a love of music in their lives, kids can still resist coming to lessons and doing their home practice, if the lesson is not targeted right.....if it's not fun.

My method is centered around fun, to develop a greater overarching appreciation for music and everything it has to offer. 

More than ever in our modern technological world, it is important for kids and adults to have an outlet to explore and develop their creativity and self-expression. AND let's face it we all need more fun in our lives! Not to mention that kids learn faster and better when they are having fun.

I have set it as my strong intention to make sure that all kids that come to my lessons have fun, have a chance to explore their creativity and self-expression and increase their love of music. It helps that I am a big kid at heart and also want to have fun! Many of my teenage students have been coming to me for up to 10 years. I believe this is because I am fun, humerus and creative and I can related to kids of all ages.

Also.... I'm not just a teacher but I'm an experienced performer and song writer. So I don't just teach  the technical aspects of learning an instrument, I also help my students explore a range of music talents and opportunities.

why i offer Most piano lessons for kids in a group

While many parents might think that private lessons are the way to go I have found that group lessons are much more effective for most kids. And here's why........



  • Group lessons are more fun! We have  more time to build in games and play, to use technology and work together in fun ways to learn music theory, sight reading and rhythm.
  • In a group lesson students have time and space to practice new material without the pressure of me listening the whole time. Using this method they get a chance to make mistakes and work things out in their own time. They feel less scared to ask for help and more relaxed in class.
  • Students work through their books much faster, in fact right now I'm seeing them move 3 times faster using this group method.
  • More time to learn during the lessons makes home practice easier because students have  longer to get on top of new material. Kids leave lessons feeling more positive about their abilities. This also helps parents as they don't have to nag their kids as much about practice!


Other benefits of my piano lessons

  • My in-house recording studio and top of the line technology provides a more complete experience for students.
  • I'm not just a teacher but I'm an experienced performer and song writer. I don't just teach the technical aspects of learning an instrument, I also help students explore a range of music talents and opportunities.
  • The benefits of learning music are well documented. Learning music helps kids learn which helps with school, it increases IQ, creativity, self expression and connection.  

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My son looks forward to and enjoys his lessons with Jimmi each week, and my son is one of those high-energy kids who complains when he has to do anything “boring” or “work” related. Neither of these adjectives describe Jimmi! He is AMAZING with kids! Jimmi is FUN, which is what my son probably finds so engaging. Jimmi holds high standards for his students and doesn’t “pass” a song until it is performed accurately and proficiently. His teaching style is encouraging, entertaining, versatile, and his schedule is flexible (I have had to reschedule days and times due to sports’ schedules changing each season). I have seen a huge improvement in my son’s musicality and confidence in his ability since working with Jimmi. I highly recommend Jimmi as a teacher. Talented and professional, Jimmi is an all-around amazing musician and even more of an amazing person.
— Jennifer Fletcher