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Located in Gilbert, Arizona, Jam With Jimmi T music studio is a fun, family-focused private teaching studio in the East Valley of Phoenix providing piano, guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, bass, harmonica and voice lessons. 

Kids and adults love to come here! 

Jam With Jimmi T is very different to most traditional music studios.

I love music......its my passion and my life..... BUT I hated taking lessons when I was a kid because they were boring and not much fun.

So all my lessons are focused on learning while having fun, and being creative. My students get a chance to really appreciate music, as well as learn and instrument and all it has to offer. At Jam With Jimmi T we learn through games, technology, curiosity and fun.  I have created a fun, relevant and modern experience for all my students and I often mix current songs so my students can learn to play along.

We all love music.  I believe everyone has the ability to make music.  You can sing, stomp your feet, clap your hands or just enjoy listening. We all appreciates music in our own way.  As a teacher my job is to find out whats the best way for you to experience music, whats the easiest and fastest way for you to learn and how to practice smart, fast and efficiently.

I offer private and group lessons to kids and adults of all ages and abilities!

If you’re looking for someone to teach you or your child how to play piano, banjo, guitar, or ukulele, look no further. Jimmi is the BEST! I tried to teach myself ukulele for 3 years, and just couldn’t get it. Even after a few months with Jimmi, I saw tremendous improvement. He is kind, patient, funny, and really cares for his students. He takes the time needed to ensure his students understand things, and will go over it until he knows they get it. I think it’s important (especially for kids) that they don’t look at their lessors like chores, and Jimmi makes it fun. I look forward to my lesson every week!
— Jennifer Merkel

Piano Lessons

Group Piano for kids first grade and up

My mom forced me to go to piano lessons when I was a kid so I know what it feels like to have to go! Eventually I was glad she made me because music is such a huge part of my life. I love to create music, to play it, perform and teach. 

My goal at Jam With Jimmi T is to make sure that no kid feels like I did. Music has so many positive benefits and I want to make sure that kids love to come here so they can develop their own appreciation for music. I offer a unique experience. I make it fun! I help students learn through creativity, technology and games.

I know that all kids love music but many resist taking lessons...why? Well first of all lessons are often not that fun. Kids feel pressure to perform for their teacher, they may feel scared to ask for help when they don't understand and this makes home practice harder.

They way I structure my piano lessons means that my students learn their music during the lessons. At my studio kids piano lessons are taught in a small group of 5 students for an hour. During the hour there is plenty of time for students to master what they are learning and for me to integrate fun games and other teaching practices.

This means that students leave in a great mood feeling more positive about their abilities. They can continue to practice at home with less pressure and more confidence in themselves. This is such a great benefit of my model that helps both the kids and the parents, because parents don't have to nag their kids about lessons and practice!

While many parents may want private lessons for their kids, I find group lessons so much more effective for a number of reasons...

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Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Mandolin, & Banjo, Harmonica Lessons

Private String Lessons for all ages

I have played and taught guitar for 30 years.

I also play ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin and Bass professionally and teach each of these instruments privately.

One of my goals as a teacher is to keep my students inspired. 

Everyone learns a different way, pace and style.  We all love music.  I believe everyone has the ability to make music. 

You can sing, stomp your feet, clap your hands or just enjoy listening. We all appreciates music in our own way.  As a teacher my job is to find out whats the best way for you to experience music, whats the easiest and fastest way for you to learn and how to practice smart, fast and efficiently. 

I have a built in recording studio and I always use technology to help  my students lessons and home practice.  I love arranging popular songs to the level of my students so they can play along.

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Private Piano Lessons

For Adults and Kids

In addition to my kids group classes, I also do offer private piano lessons for adults and some children younger than first grade or for whom the group environment may not be the right fit. To find out more about private piano lessons schedule you free introductory lesson today.



About your Instructor

Jimmi Wilson

I first became interested in music when I was 3 years old and I wanted to be like Schroeder in Charlie Brown. My mother put me in piano lessons and I absolutely hated them! But once I started she wouldn’t let me quit for 8 years! I begged her to have guitar lessons and she finally gave in and let me take them when I was 13. Learning guitar was when I really found my passion and came into my own. As a kid I was not really good at sports, I had glasses and really bad eye sight. Basically I was big dork! When I started playing guitar I began to meet people and this led me to acting, chorus and other creative outlets which made me happy and increased my self-confidence. My grades and social skills improved because playing guitar gave me an interest in learning and education whereas before I really didn’t see the point.

I have been playing guitar now for more than 25 years. I have played in many professional bands in the US, I write and play my own music and I have also collaborated and recorded with other musicians on their CDs. I am available to perform at wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, corporate events, festivals, charities and private events. I play solo or with various combinations of instruments including a full electric band. For bookings please contact me.

I have been teaching music for almost 20 years. I have taught in several schools and private music stores.



About the Studio

jam with jimmi t music studio, gilbert, az

Right now, the Studio has over 60 kids and adults enrolled in my weekly lesson program! I have students from Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek and all over the East Valley of Phoenix.

Hours & Location

The Studio is located in Gilbert with the cross streets of Lindsay and Ray. It is very accessible from all areas of Gilbert, Chandler and Queen Creek. It is only a 15 minute drive from Mesa. 10 minutes down Lindsay from the US 60 and less than 10 minutes from US202 south loop.

My regular hours are from 10am – 8pm, Monday and Tues, 10am to 6:30pm Wed and Thurs and 1pm to 5pm Friday.

Piano, Guitar and Music Lessons Gilbert AZ


I have lived in the the East Valley of Phoenix for over 20 years and in Gilbert for 15. I love my community and my neighborhood and I love sharing the gift of music with people around me. Although I enjoy one on one lessons with my students, nothing is more fun then getting a group together and watching them blossom as a band or group.  My music camps and group classes bring people together.  The joys of watching my students writing songs together, recording songs or overcoming the fears of performing live and creating a sense of community through music is immeasurable and is what keeps me so passionate about teaching music.


We absolutely love Jimmi T! He has such an amazing approach to teaching music that keeps my daughter interested and challenged. She looks forward to her lessons. His years of experience show with the diversity of music and instruments he teaches. I cant say enough good things about this amazing teacher.
— Leah Marcum